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Humiliation Brainwashing for Perverted Weirdos

Admit it: you LIVE for humiliation. You need to be embarrassed and shamed, and turned into more of a perverted weirdo by Goddess Lycia. This is what you want and what you crave. You are a humiliation junkie who NEEDS to be mind fucked beyond repair and turned into a whole new creature. WOW, you are horny already, knowing how much I am going to arouse you and manipulate you with my unique brand of INTENSE erotic humiliation and psychological reprogramming.

You will need a lipstick, lip-liner, or marker that is either pink or red (for a body writing task), a mirror (preferably full length), and a humiliating item of clothing or accessory.

Includes: humiliation, body-writing, humiliation tasks, verbal abuse, financial humiliation, mind-fucking, sissification, masturbation instruction, tease and denial, orgasm denial, brainwashing, fetish conditioning, perverted weirdo rituals. 32:48 minutes for $34.99

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"Superior Glamour Goddess" Fetish Photoset

Superior Glamour Goddess Fetish Photoset

You are so ready to see Goddess Lycia as you've never seen her before! In this set of high-resolution vintage glamour photos, my beauty takes you to previously unexplored realms of erotic fantasy. These images are both highly provocative and classy, captured by a skilled, professional photographer. They include visual stimulation for those who enjoy fur fetish, foot fetish, shoe fetish, glove fetish, lipstick fetish, voluptuous women fetish, blonde women fetish, and a fetish for all things sensually glamorous. It also helps if you have a thing for full, red lips on an open mouth, and a fetish for being enraptured by the beauty of a superior erotic Goddess.

Above are three tiny samples for you to obsess over until you cannot help but purchase the entire set of twenty-eight high-resolution vintage glamour fetish photos. Each individual photograph is a true masterpiece; you will undoubtedly treasure this collection. Perfect for those who love Goddess Worship and Femdom Elegance.

28 photos - 72 dpi - 2592 x 3888 pixels

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New love and addiction erotic hypnosis mp3


28 minutes
This is a very potent love and addiction file. I channeled all of my sensual and blissful energy, and expressed it creativly throughout this powerful file. This has a romantic, Goddess tone to it, and I use my sensual, irresistible voice to guide you down deeply into trance through a conversational/relaxation pleasurable induction. Only listen if you can handle TRUE, and REAL in LOVE feelings and sensations. This is REAL hypnosis, not fantasy.

Do not listen if you are mentally unstable, or prone to a negative mindset, this is not the file for you. You will awaken as a new person. A more complete individual, who has finally found their true calling and place in life as my property. My prized possesion.
This file does not have an awakener. I want you to simply lay there after listening, in a blissed out state, slowly awakening from a blissful high, from being dropped so low.

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"Teasing your Cummies Out" Hypno MP3

Teasing your Cummies Out

In this erotic hypnosis session, I first do an induction into trance, where you will become very relaxed and highly suggestible. Once you are in a deep state of trance, I will take control over your body and mind completely. Your level of sexual arousal will increase as I build your quantity of cummies, making your balls very full and heavy. Then I will tease your cummies out using a combination of sexual moaning, kissy sounds, and repetition of trigger phrases, such as “I am teasing your cummies out.” You will also be conditioned to become more permanently and irrevocably enslaved to me.

You may orgasm any time after the induction. In case the cummies aren’t yet released by the time we near the end of this session, I will give an orgasm trigger that will force them out.

Includes: erotic hypnosis, femdom hypnosis, teasing, kissies, moaning, cutesie talk, forced orgasm, enslavement. 40:50 minutes for $34.99

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Here piggy piggy.... SPEND & SQUEAL!


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It's Doll Time: Become My Doll

Feel the sensations of becoming an object, a doll. This is not a dollification experience but rather the experience of becoming a toy, a plaything for Ambre Jade. Deep surrender to the feelings of a total loss of control.
This is the first installment of a series devoted to you becoming My plaything, slowly, completely and without question. My toying with you gives you purpose.
This session is 25 minutes long
There is slight layering
There is no background music
Headphones are suggested and encouraged

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29 minutes
This file is full of mind fucking NLP conditioning to drop you deeply into trance, where I totally fuck your mind, and arouse you over and over again, making you edge and slow, edge and slow over and over. I tease you mercilessly, make you so weak, so eager to orgasm, and bring you back down again, only to show you the edge yet again. This is SO amusing to me! You can hear just how amused I am as your body no longer listens to what you want, and simply responds only to my control and commands.
Your balls will feel so full, so heavy, so desperate to be drained. You can handle it, can't you weakling? My merciless teasing, my forcing you to stroke (JOI), edge, and stop over and over again, until I push you over that edge, only to ruin your orgasm, and leave your desperate, horny, WEAK, and needing to please me even more and earn my attention.
Oh what a devious file, that you can't resist listening to RIGHT NOW.

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State of the Art mobile presentation is a luxurious addition to the full browser stylistic desktop and laptop features in My Brainwash Station! What are you waiting for? JOIN NOW & take My BRAINWASH STATION with you wherever you go, MY VOICE & IMAGE are just 1 click away at ALL TIMES!!

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sinkingdeeply, erotic hypnosis for analytical thinkers

These suggestions and tips all stem from my personal opinions, and observations while working with trance lovers who have an analytical mindset. They may or may not work for you, so my biggest suggestion is to practice, practice, practice and not give up!

Analytical thinkers tend to respond differently to trance and erotic hypnosis, than those with different mind sets. They tend to really listen to every sentence said, and pick them apart piece by piece. They become increasingly curious as to why the hypnotist is saying what she is saying, and asking them to do what she is asking them to do. They tend to genuinely be interested in all of the aspects of hypnosis. Why and how it is working, and when and how they will fall in to trance.

While this curiosity and interest can be useful and fun, it is often a setback , because it stalls the process of simply enjoying, accepting, and letting go. If you have an analytical thought process, you can successfully enjoy trance, and train yourself to not analyze everything to the point where you can not successfully enjoy erotic hypnosis and  trance in the way that you are desiring to. Here are a few tips that I personally suggest for you!

1. PRACTICE~! This is best done by listening to one, up to a maximum of three of your favorite erotic hypnosis mp3s. While live sessions can really benefit you and help, you should learn to help yourself first by practicing with repeated exposure to one or more of your favorite mp3s. I suggest searching for ones that state that they are a confusion induction, or any type of "overload" induction. ( Once you achieve a trance state that you are happy with you can move on to all sorts of other inductions later). These types of inductions are great for those with an analytical mind because they are packed with information coming at you all at once, in several different layers, or simply in a confusing way. It will get to a point where you simply can't keep up with all of the information coming at you from different layers (tracks, overlays of voices and suggestions) that your conscious mind simply gives up and you start to zone out. This can happen even if you pick up on one track/voice , and focus all of your attention on it. What this does, is allows your subconscious mind to be more open to the underlying suggestions that you are unable to focus on.

2. Listen to an mp3 while focusing on something else. As always, when indulging in erotic hypnosis, you should do so in a distraction free, safe environment. This means not while driving or pretty much doing anything but relaxing alone. Perhaps you can sit down in front of your computer, and put your headphones on. Play the mp3 at a low volume, and start browsing your favorite internet sites. This works in a similar way to the tip above. Your conscious mind will be actively trying to focus on several things at once, so that other parts of your subconscious mind can be more open to what is being said. Even if you do not consciously "hear" or listen to the mp3, you are training yourself to be open to the sensations of hypnosis. I suggest keeping a notebook or online notepad to document your experiences and progress with this. How do you feel after 30 minutes of doing this? Do you feel that you were closer to trance this time? What did you feel, or experience while doing this? Etc.

3. Change your listening habits and thought process. Analytical thinkers tend to get stuck in their ways, and give in to certain habits and thought processes. A few examples of this are : Constantly second guessing yourself or the hypnotist. " Am I going to go in to trance" " I will never be hypnotized" " I can't be hypnotized" " Oh I think I'm getting close to trance!" " Okay I am not hypnotized" " I remember everything after listening" etc etc etc. Instead of putting negative connotations with your thoughts of erotic hypnosis and trance, as soon as you have those thoughts, change them to something positive. " I am going to go into trance" " I can be hypnotized" " This feels really good" " I am hypnotized" etc etc.

As silly as this sounds, it has helped so many people prepare themselves to be more open to experiencing trance.

Also, change your habits of where and how you listen. If you normally listen while laying on your bed completely naked, try elevating your head with an extra pillow, or laying back in a chair with one item of clothing on that you can wear each time you intend on experiencing hypnosis. If you listen when it is light in the room, listen when it is dark. Changing things up can help you get out of typical habits, and try something new, therefore may help you be more open to experiencing new experiences.

4. Step into a world of fantasy before true reality sets in.   A LOT of erotic hypnosis is full of deeply erotic fantasy content. Some are fully focused on REALITY. I suggest training yourself to indulge in fantasy a bit before you go into full on reality. Learn to not take things so literal. For example, if you are listening to one of my files, and I say something like " And as you are listening to my voice right now, you can feel my breath against your skin, and your body reacts so perfectly obedient by becoming aroused at this very moment" Those without an analytical mind will have a higher success of actually FEELING those sensations, and responding in the exact way that I have suggested. Those with an analytical mind will most likely be thinking " I am not feeling her breathe, and I do not have an erection, I am not in trance" Sound familiar?

In moments like this, use your imagination. I promise that you have one. Imagine what it WOULD feel like IF my breath was right against your ear. Imagine how good that would feel, how warm. How it would possibly make you tingle. Imagine that feeling my breath does make you aroused, even without an erection you could feel the sensations of arousal building up inside of your body. Once you get used to doing this , your mind/body will learn to respond exactly how I want it to, which is what you want as well.

5. Stop being so skeptical. If you are constantly thinking that hypnosis isn't real, are constantly searching for WHY hypnosis works, are always second guessing yourself or the hypnotist, you will never have the experience/s that you so desire. It has been proven countless times that hypnosis is real, and works, and it can be very real and work on you. You just have to let it. Easier said than done, but if you practice and find out what works best for you, you will be deeper than you have ever been before in no time ;) Stop comparing yourself with what others tell you, or with what you read from testimonials of others experiences with erotic hypnosis. Everyones journey is different. It also doesn't hurt to ask what techniques other people use to help induce a deep trance. You can try many different things, but know that what works for some, does not work for all. You WILL find what works for you if you keep at it.

Let me know how this tips work for you, and if you have any others, feel free to comment them below~

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29 minutes

This was a custom file that the purchaser and I decided just HAD to be released. This is one powerful file. A MUST have for Goddess Worship admirers.

This mp3 will change your perception of me. You will view me as a true, mighty, and REAL Goddess. A supreme being that you feel so lucky and special to serve and worship. There are several tasks, post hypnotic suggestions, repeat after me suggestions, and training tools throughout this mp3 to train you even further. You will never view me the same again. You love me, need me, worship me, and will ALWAYS obey me, for I am your mighty, powerful Goddess.

You fall weak before me, and accept your rightful place on your knees. Prepare to feel so powerless, helpless, and out of control for a REAL Goddess. You are going to love every single second of it.

This file includes a touch of financial control. Nothing of ruin or extreme. Even non findom lovers can indulge without worry.

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