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Hey all. So, I saw this wall comment on Inraptured:

"Why are the latest released hypnosis sessions all aboot cock? This is the direction of the future? Am I the last of a dying breed who likes to focus on women"

Good question. I was actually thinking about cock in hypnosis and discussing it with my "buah" (slave/boyfriend) a few hours ago. My latest mp3, "Phallus Obsessed," has been selling very well. And my buah was like, "Really?" And I replied with, "Yes, out of every type of product I sell, feminization hypnosis does the best for me, particularly cock-sucking hypnosis." I also noticed that (at least) two other Hypnodommes just released cock mp3s. There is just a huge demand for such material.

Honestly, out of the hundreds of products I sell, and all types of different fetishes I engage in, my feminization and forced bi hypnosis sessions do the best. I get lots of requests for more cock-sucking hypno mp3s. In fact, "Phallus Obsessed" was a request, as well as "Gay Guy," another one of my top-sellers. When I first released "Gay Guy," I got a bunch of (surprisingly) shocked and disgusted men commenting on it, at Inraptured. They said that it makes them want to barf, that I must be losing my clients over this, and on and on with total closed-mindedness. There were a few people who stood up for me, and the discussion eventually faded out. Funny thing is that, like I said, "Gay Guy" is one of my biggest hits, along with "Cocksucking Sissy," "Bukake Slut," and basically all my feminization products. If I lost any clients over it, well I gained five times more.

I am well aware that there are plenty of hypno-fetishists who are not into such material. Some of my biggest fans, and male submissives who are closest to me, just don't get it. But if anyone wants an explanation, here's a pretty simple one. People are curious about homosexual activity, but because of society's restrictions, we feel we need to be "coerced" into actually exploring. Simple. And it doesn't mean that the cock-sucking hypno fans do not adore women totally. I mean, they are coming to us to explore their fantasy with, and perhaps to help turn their fantasy into a reality. My cocksucking-fetish submissives generally treat me like a Queen.

And like I said, not everyone "gets" the whole thing, or likes it, or whatever. So it's obviously not "the direction of the future." There are plenty of people who enjoy trance for the sake of trance. Or they enjoy hypnosis combined with Goddess worship, or love and addiction, or orgasm control, and a number of other things. Feminization and cock hypnosis just happens to be one of the topics out there that has a big following. And it's nothing new. Cock hypnosis and feminization hypnosis goes way back to some of the first Hypnodommes online.

It's cool if you don't dig it. Just understand that there are so many people into erotic hypnosis, and for all kinds of different reasons. It doesn't mean you are losing the hypnosis fetish to cock-lovers. You'll be okay, and so will the hundreds of other folks who simply aren't interested.
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Apr. 16th, 2011 05:14 am (UTC)
This is well said. I'm always amazed at how strong the clamor is for this kind of material, hypnotic and non, and I've got my own variations and explorations into it. It's all good. BUT:

One of the things I have a problem with is this bit of logic, I'm sure I've discussed this.

Feminization = being more feminine
being more feminine = being submissive
being more feminine + being submissive = sucking dick and being a nymphomaniac bimbo


I don't have a problem if this is your *fetish* but I do have a problem if this is your *worldview* - like feminization can't be done any other way and gender fluidity is basically "I wanna blow guys" at the end of the day.

You know, I know, and God, I wish everyone knew, that this is a single flavor among a lot of different ones.

Apr. 16th, 2011 06:15 am (UTC)
I think that the "becoming a total cock-sucking whore" thing is mostly just a fetish, rather than a worldview. Also it's commonly just a fantasy that's never acted upon.

As far as being submissive and being "forced" to suck cock goes, I think it can also have to do with how much the submissive loves the feeling of being so utterly controlled by his Domme that he can't escape doing what she wants, even if what she requests of him is usually a "limit."
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