♔Capitalistic Blonde (Blonde_ism) wrote in hypnodommes,
♔Capitalistic Blonde

Just Created! *PAVLOVIAN TRIPLE RING TRIGGER* ~ Hypno Programming Pavlovian Conditioning NLP TRIGGER

In My PAVLOVIAN TRIPLE RING TRIGGER mp3 I will be installing My Triple Ring Program in your head. This mp3 exploits your WEAKNESS for My PAVLOVIAN BELL! My Pretty Pink Jeweled Bell WILL control your helpless mind.

This Pavlovian Hypno Trigger will activate My Triple Ring Program, converting you into My salivating Pavlovian trained bell activated mindless drone! Omg GOOD BOY ULTIMATE REWARD SENSATION WILL BE INITIATED at the completion of My PAVLOVIAN BELL TRIPLE RING!

Jump through rings at the ringing of My Triple Ring!

Tags: financial domination, findom, hypnodomme

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