♔Capitalistic Blonde (Blonde_ism) wrote in hypnodommes,
♔Capitalistic Blonde

Become one of My *SNAP!* programmed mindless drones! JUST CREATED!! *SNAP!* Hypno BRAINWASH Loop

"Snap! Jolt and you have to click. Love the idea and the recording. You will NOT be able to resist. İt is a reflex. SNAP! CLICK! You are now programmed for life." - DRONE MICKEY My *SNAP!* programmed DRONE for life!

"Pure magic. Pure Joy. i splay All my Worth at Your Porcelain toes and Splendid feet, With every Snap, inhale Nirvana." - My DOLLY DEAREST Sweet Stephie *SNAP!* programmed eagerly jumping to PILE a MOUNTAIN of CASH at My Perfect Feet with every SNAP of My Pretty Little Fingers!

Goodie Goodie Gumdrop ~> JUST CREATED!! *SNAP!* Hypno BRAINWASH Loop  Post-Hypnotic Trigger mp3!!

By the time this loop session ends you will have no choice but to obey My SNAP!

When I snap I set My trap!

In this hypno BRAINWASH Loop Session My *SNAP* trigger will be embedded in your bbrainn. By the time this loop session ends you will have no choice but to obey whenever you hear My pretty little fingers SNAP or even see Me type the trigger word!

Once My SNAP post-hypnotic trigger is installed in your bbrainn your mind will SNAP as you are mindlessly helpless to My luxurious findom hypno trap!

Laced with subliminals and binaural beats, listen at your own risk! Don't say I didn't warn you, listen now.

Tags: femdom hypno, financial domination, findom, hypnodomme, hypnosis

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